How to Open a Sentry File Safe Without a Key.?


1. Acquire lockpicking tools, or bend two paperclips into a tension wrench and a lock pick. For the tension wrench, unbend a paperclip into an L-shape and twist one end of the paperclip around itself. For the lock pick, twist a second paperclip into
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These safe are easily opened by a good locksmith. So if you have items in the safe you need to get out a safe and vault tech could drill it open and repair it for a small fee. I really
You can order a replacement key here:
There is no guaranteed way to pick a lock. Need a locksmith? Give us your location and we can help you find one!
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To open a Sentry safe without the key, you can use a paperclip with certain models. You could also contact a local locksmith, as they can open almost any type ...
The easiest way to open a sentry safe without the key is to record the serial number and order a replacement. If you need to get something out of it right away ...
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