How to Calculate Brake Pedal Travel.?


1. Find the speed in miles per hour (mph) at which you want to calculate the braking distance. Use 30 mph in this example. 2. Find the speed in feet per second (fps) by multiplying your speed (mph) by 1.467. In this example: Speed = 30 x 1.467 =
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Defective master cylinder, low of fluid, or leak somewhere else in the system.
Check for leaks :at the break cylinder or at tires break cylinders. The leaking place needs replacement of rubber parts.
Paul I still believe you have the wrong Booster od you have adjusted for the loss of the reaction disc. Here is some other info that may be pertinent. 1997 and earlier diesel trucks
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Your brake pedal goes to the floor because you have a bad cylinder leaking somewhere. When a cylinder is leaking the fluid gushes out thus there is no pressure ...
Well we can have those problems. There are a few things that could be causing this problem. One being that your brake fluid is to low. The second being that fliud ...
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