How much is a 1952 ben franklin silver half dollar worth?


a Little over 50
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A1952 Franklin Half Dollar can be worth up to $75.00. Go to Scroll down to the chart and find your coin. Hope this helps. :-)
I would suggest to seek a specialist for your answer. Let us know what they tell you.
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The value of a 1952 Franklin half dollar would depend on the mark from the mint company. If no mark on it it's only worth about ten dollars. If there's an S ...
For the 1948-1963 Franklin Half Dollar, 90% of the coin is silver. 10% is copper. As of November 23, 2010 the silver content is worth about $9.90. The copper is ...
The value of Benjamin Franklin half dollar varies. The coins were made from 1948-1963. The value changes dependent on the condition of the coin and the rarity ...
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