How Do You Calculate a Pro Rata Share?


Pro Rata is a finance term for calculating shares. The calculations vary depending on what is being calculated, for example property taxes or bankruptcy. For the full definition go to:
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: How to calculate pro rata share. Simplified and by way of example pro rata can be calculated as follows: Assume you have three contributing "pools, A, B and C. A contains $1,200,000.00
Because some losses may be covered by more than one insurance policy, many policies are written in such a way as to prevent policy holders from profiting by an accident or other loss
It's like normal sharing: divide your amount by the total amount, and that percentage is what you will get in returns.
I'd do it by percentage: 18.5 is 49.33% of a full 37.5 hour shift. 49.33% of 15k is £7,395.
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The calculation of pro rata salary is take the full-time annual salary, and divide by 52. Once you have established where the prorated employee will be placed ...
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