How Do You Calculate Brake Horsepower?


You calculate brake horsepower using the formula: [ BHP=(GPMXTDH(ft.)XS.G.)/(3960XPump Efficiency) ]. An alternative simple formula is: torque, foot-lbÑ rpm/5252 = horsepower.
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How to Calculate Brake Horsepower
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The conversion of CC to horsepower is approximately 1 cubic inch is equal to 1 brake horsepower (bhp). Another way to look at this is approximately 15 to 17 cc ...
BHP refers to the brake horsepower which is the real or helpful horsepower of an engine. It is usually determined from the power exerted on a resistance brake ...
BHP stands for 'brake horsepower' while HP stands for 'horse power.' The difference between the two is in relation to measurement. BHP is a measure of the actual ...
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