How do You Carolina Rig a Worm?


Carolina rigs are set up by first attaching a bass casting sinker and bead to the line. After that you will attach a barrel swivel and a leader that is at least 18 inches long. Finally you attach the worm hook, and the plastic worm to the line. You can find more information here:
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1. Cut a 24- to 36-inch piece of fishing line for a leader. 2. Slide an egg-shaped sinker onto the end of the fishing line. The sinker must be sufficiently heavy to remain in contact
Carolina rigged worms are great for fishing points, gravel bottoms and to get your worm up where the bass can see it!
It is a rubber worm that is set about eighteen inches off of the bottom that is weighted with a slide weight. Its typically used for bass fishing.
To tie a Carolina Rig you will need: worm hook, bullet or egg sinker, bead, and a swivel. Begin by pulling a length of line around 15-20 inches to use as a leader. Tie the hook to
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You will want to push the hook through the top of the worm, and slide the worm up the hook until it reaches the top. Then with the room you now have at the bottom ...
A Carolina rig is used when you are bass fishing as a lure to catch them. It is basically a worm with a hook. You will tie a swivel on the end of a leader and ...
You can set up your rod and reel for a Carolina rig by attaching to your line a bass casting sinker, a bead, a barrel swivel, an 18' to 30' leader, a worm hook ...
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