How do you cash a postal money order?


Money orders provide an avenue for people to send money through mail. You can cash a postal service money order at a post office or bank in the UK.
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How to Cash a Postal Order
When you receive a USPS (United States Postal Service) domestic money order, there are several ways you can go about cashing it. Some methods allow you to cash the money order for free. Other methods may charge you a fee that is generally a percentage of... More »
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To cash a postal order, you have to deposit it in your bank account if the postal order is crossed. If it is not, visit any post office and for as long as the order is in your name, it will be cashed.
Ensure that the front of the money order has your name in the Pay to Order Of field. In many cases, the purchaser of the money order will complete this field. If you must complete the field on your own, be sure to enter your legal name. Endorse the back of the money order. Present the signed money order and a valid photo ID to the post office representative in your area. The photo ID can be a state issued driver's license, state ID, military ID or passport. Wait to receive your cash back from the money order. There is no fee for cashing a postal money order at the post office.
To cash in a postal order you ask from your local Post Office in any value up to £250. Print your payee’s name on the cheque and receive a receipt for each postal order. It can be cashed in any post office up to 6 months after date of purchase. The payee can cash it in a bank also. When cashing it the signature of the payee is required.
First a person should request from the local Post Office? in any value up to ?250 then you can print your payee's name on the cheque which will cost from as little as?50p per order. You will receive a separate receipt with each postal order which can be cashed at any Post Office? counter or in 47 countries worldwide, up to 6 months after date of purchase.
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