How Do You Catch Tilapia?


Because Tilapia are omnivores, this fish should be simple to catch. You could try to lure it with flies and worms. Try to employ bottom fishing, as this is where they're most likely to dwell.
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1. Decide where you will go fishing. Tilapia prefers warm water that is either still or flows very slowly. If you're going to be fishing stateside and have the opportunity, Lake Okeechobee
to catch tialpia you need to either site fish them or look for areas that they might be. for bait you can use corn or marshmellows.
Regular old worms are by far the best bait for tilapia. They should be cast near
A small piece of carolina rigged worm will work very nice. They tend to feed close to the bottom and slow moving objects will get their attention better. I would start with size 6
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How to Catch Tilapia
Tilapia is a fair sized freshwater fish that prefers the warm water of the tropical and sub tropical regions across the planet. It's the third most important fish in aquaculture because of their large size, rapid growth, and succulent taste. They also... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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