How Do You Clean a Gold Plated Watch?


The easiest way to clean a gold plated watch is to simply take a dripping wet cotton ball and carefully apply moisture to the excessively dirty areas, being careful not to allow water to enter the watch mechanism. After several applications of water applied in this manner, tarnish can often be removed by rubbing the gold plated watch gently with a dry cotton ball. If after this process the gold watch is still dirty, the watch can be cleaned using ordinary toothpaste. On a small platter, place a small amount of non-gel toothpaste and several tablespoons of hot water and mix them together thoroughly until they become a watery substance. Apply to a gold plated watch and gently rub with a cotton ball, and then carefully rinse several times with warm water and then dry. To clean gold plated watches in this fashion it is important to rub gently and ensure that the watch has been rinsed completely to remove any traces of toothpaste which may serve to initiate corrosion.
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