How Do You Clean Burlap?


Cleaning a burlap is a quick and easy thing to do. First, take it outside and shake the burlap. If you need to wash it, do it by hand. If it has a smell, apply vinegar or baking soda to it.
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1. Shake the burlap out and air it outside for a few hours, if the fabric is not too badly stained. Putting it in the sun can bleach out stains as well. This is most useful when dealing
hand wash. cold water. mild detergent. fabric softner. air dry. to get more specific directions go to and read the "care" section.
These vintage sacks are all 50 to 60 years old-so be careful how you treat them. Flour and feed sacks were made for the dye to stay in, to make dresses and aprons, and they can be
Put a couple of gallons of warm water in the kitchen sink, a few drops of dish soap, slosh the slip on's around in the water for about a minute. Rinse with warm water, stand them
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