How is silver plate cleaned?


Over time, silver has a tendency to tarnish due to oxidation. To restore silver plates to their original sparkling glory, this unsightly layer of oxidation can be removed through a fairly simple process that doesn't involve scrubbing or polishing. All that is needed is a chemical polishing "dip," which is a mixture that can be made easily from normal household products.

To make silver polishing dip, line the bottom of a glass baking dish with aluminum foil before filling the dish with boiling hot water. Add a minimal amount of both salt and baking soda. Place the silver plates into the mixture. Within a few seconds, the tarnish begins to fade and eventually disappear.

The silver can be removed when it appears cleaner, but heavily oxidized plates may need to remain in the water for longer. In any case, the process should not take much longer than five or ten minutes at most. When the surface of the plates are perfectly clean and sparkling again, they should be rinsed with water and buffed dry with a soft, fluffy towel or cloth.

Silver polishing dip is highly effective, and can reach places that a cloth never could, so silver plates get an all-over restoration.

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How to Clean Silver Plate
Silver-plated items can look as beautiful as solid silver, as long as the silver plating remains. The method and products used for cleaning silver plate are similar to those used for cleaning solid silver; one main difference, however, is the method.... More »
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