How Do You Clean up Dog Urine Smell from between Kitchen Tile Floors?


From what I know you can clean up dog urine smell from between kitchen tile floors with bleach. You might also need to regrout the tile if the urine has been absorbed into the grout.
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1. Clean up the liquid urine as soon as possible. Use paper towels to soak it all up without rubbing it into the tile floors. 2. Pour plain water onto the tile floors and then soak
Mix white vinegar in with warm water and scrub it. Any floor cleaner or soap will remove the urine. Ceramic tile is not porous so it will not have been absorbed by the tile. The grout
Mix 1 part clear vinegar with 10 parts water. Apply
Sounds like there is moisture in the air and this is peaking up the old stink.I would open the windows (during the day) and blast the heater.The dry air will kill the smell.However
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