How Do You Close a Gerber Knife?


A Gerber knife is typically used for hunting and in camping. To close a Gerber knife, examine the side of the knife for a piece of metal to the inside on the handle of the blade. Pull the metal to the left while simultaneously pulling the blade down towards the handle.
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1. Open the knife by pressing the small silver button. Be sure to hold the knife away from your body so you don't cut yourself. 2. Look for a piece of metal that is leaning to the
The best part of the Gerber LMF knife is that you can use it to cut through anything from skin to the the plexiglass of a chopper. It has also been used countless times by campers
If its a liner lock just push it to the side. Otherwise just press the back button.
Gerber knives and multitools have a lifetime warranty. If you ever have
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How to Close a Gerber Knife
Gerber makes knives in several different styles and shapes and for different purposes, including knives for hunting, camping and technical needs. Some knives come with a variety of guarantees on them in case of defect or accidents. Opening the knives can... More »
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The leatherman knife haws been manufactured since 1983 by Tim Leatherman. In order to close the knife once its been open, take the handle of the knife, move the ...
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