How do You Condemn a House?


To condemn a house you would need to contact the Health Department. If they feel the home is a danger to society then they can condemn the home.
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The exact steps that you must take to have a house condemned and demolished vary significantly by jurisdiction, meaning the town, city, county and state where you live. But in general
Your Local Municipality or Housing authority can condemn a house.
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Anyone can take it upon their self to decide to condemn a house. It happens quite often, a person gets tired of seeing a house that is clearly a safety hazard in their neighborhood. If you're trying to condemn a place you're going to need to contact the building official in your town and ask that they make sure to carefully inspect the place you feel is condemned. It is the building official's job to know what to do from there, but feel free to call and check up on the progress of the inspection and condemning process.
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A condemned house is one that has been destroyed and left abandoned by its owners. Most abandoned houses are normally destroyed by earthquakes, floods, volcanic ...
To get a house condemned, you will need to contact the department of health. They will need to know the exact condition of the house. They will then make a visit ...
What happens when a house is condemned is that the owner has a certain amount of time to bring it up to code. If they cannot do that they need to either tear down ...
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