How Do You Convert PSI Water Pressure to Gallons Per Minute?


It is not possible to directly convert water pressure in PSI to gallons per minute, but you can calculate the GPM if you have additional information. Pounds per square inch is a measure of force while gallons per minute is the flow rate, and the flow rate also depends on the dimensions of your pipe or other instrument. You can calculate with assumed ideal conditions but angle, elevation, water supply and other factors will affect real results.
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First you need the size of the pipe and the volume of water supply. Pressure will vary during usage. Standard well system operates between 20-40 psi and city systems operate from
1. Multiply water horsepower by 3,960. If the pump works at 18 horsepower: 18 x 3960 = 71,280. 2. Multiply your answer by the pump's efficiency. If it runs at 90 percent efficiency:
The flow rate
You cannot calculate pressure (psi) from pipe diameter and gpm. You can only calculate flow rate. Pressure is resistance to flow. Maximum pressure cannot be calculated until the flow
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