How Do You Cook Langoustines?


There are different recipes of langoustines. To cook griddled langoustines with hazelnut butter, thread the langoustines cautiously onto the skewers and chill for up to a day. For the butter, thinly grate or chop half the hazelnuts, then chop the rest. Then, when ready to serve, melt the hazelnut butter in the pan, heat a griddle pan or barbecues, then brush the langoustines with the oil. Griddle each skewer for one to two minutes, turning, until pink and just cooked. Pile on a platter, pour half the hazelnut butter over the langoustines, and then serve the rest in a small bowl for dipping.
1 Additional Answer
To cook langoustine you should first rinse and keep them in a freezer or a dish and cover them so as to make them unconscious. You can either grill them for one minute on one side and 30 seconds on the other or you can put them in boiling water for 2 minutes. After this you can break the head and the thorax and to eat the tail, you need to remove the shell.
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