How do You Cool Down a Spicy Dish?


To cool down a spicy dish depends on the spices used to create the heat. There are several ways to do so. You want to make sure you won't change the flavor of the dish to much so evaluate what it is that has created so much spice. Avoid the seeds in peppers when preparing the dish,that is were all the heat is. For a sweeter taste you can use milk, suger, honey, flour, or vinegar if you have already started the cooking process.
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How to Cool Down a Spicy Dish
You sit down to a glorious meal, take a first bite and almost immediately feel a burning sensation on your tongue. You want nothing but an ice cube--and fast You want to remain calm and gracious, to be as cool as your friends who seem to be relishing the... More »
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1. Taste the dish before you set it in front of your guests if you are serving a meal at home. You do not want any surprises at the table. If a curry dish is too hot, whip up a bit
Add sugar, or a blob or yoghurt, cream or creme fraiche in the middle when serving it.
Try a glass of milk! The enzymes reduce the burning sensation caused by spicy
Actually, it's eating bread or plain rice or other "bread group" items that will help absorb the heat.(crackers, tortillas, etc.) Oddly, drinking liquids does not. (though
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Once you add spices, its pretty hard to get them out, so it's best to spice a little at a time. If it is a meat dish, adding more meat will cool it down some. ...
To reduce the spiciness of a dish you simply cut back on the spices added. When the recipe calls for the spice that makes it spicy add half or less of that amount ...
You can tone down spicy food by adding more ingredients to the mixture. If you merely want to neutralize an already prepared dish you can drink milk with the dish ...
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