How Do You Deal with an Egomaniac?


An egomaniac is an unusually egotistical person. When dealing with an egomaniac, ensure that you reduce the amount of time and energy that you put into associating with him. Be assertive with such an individual and do not let him bully you into accepting his ideas. Finally, ensure that you try to find a point of argument between the two of you even if you do not agree with it completely.
Q&A Related to "How Do You Deal with an Egomaniac?"
1 Get perspective. Is the egomaniac (e.m. for short) like this with everyone or just you? Ask around. Ask your friends and other people you trust. Ad 2 Check your own ego at the door
In my own work situation, I give them what I call my F.O. attitude. (and I DON'T mean Foreign Office) It certainly works for me!
You kiss up, tell him that a lot of people suggested you contact him because he is the most knowledgeable, contributed so much to the workings of the hospital during his tenure, and
just tell him that u dont want 2 listen 2 him anymore if that dosen't workout just ignore him.
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