How Do You Determine What Size Brake Pads You Need for Your Car?


To determine what size brakes you need for your car, you could consult your owners manual, or you could take the car to a repair shop and have them look at.
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Car brake pads wear out with use and need to be replaced every 35,000 to 45,000 miles. If you carry heavy loads in your car or drive mostly in heavy traffic with frequent braking,
1. Jack up the car and support it with safety stands. Using a pry bar or large screwdriver remove the wheel cover. Using a lug wrench, remove the wheel and tire. The brake rotor and
1 Get the correct brake pads - Pads are available at any auto parts store or your local car dealership . Just let them know the year, make and model of your car. They will typically
Your local ford dealer should be able to anser that. If not look into Raybestos's website. Thet are a leading brake parts manufacturer.
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You need to replace your brake rotors when either your brake pads are wearing unevenly or you notice a vibration in the front end of the car. They may not necessarily ...
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