How do You Dial An Extension Number?


How to dial an extension number depends on how you are trying to dial it. Are you dialing an extension after calling a toll free number? Are you trying to dial an extension number within the same building? If it's on a toll free call, the automated system will usually prompt you when to do so. If it's in the same building, you should check with the IT department, because many phone systems are set up different to dial extensions differently.
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When you call a number that requires an extension number simply wait for the prompt. Extensions are generally used in large companies or offices. The system will prompt you to enter the extension, which you simply press in to the phone's number pad.
To dial an extension number you must dial the number first then when prompted dial the extension number. Sometimes you may need to place the # sign after the extension number.
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1. Dial the extension from within the company itself. For instance, if you work in a particular company and want to reach a coworker whose extension is 8529, simply press 8529 on
In order to make an international call, you will need to determine the the country code of the country that you are trying to reach. Dial the country code and then the number.
If you are trying to dial, for example, "555-0123 ext. 456, you dial the main number and wait for it to answer. You may speak to a receptionist, in which case you ask for "
You are often prompted by a computer after dialling the ten digit part. If a person intervenes just give them the number verbally.
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