How do You do a K Turn?


A K-turn is more commonly known as a 3-point turn. K-turns are generally performed when you need to turn around on a two-lane street, such as a residential street, but it is too narrow to do a U-turn. A k-turn is performed by coming to a complete stop on your side of the road, turning your wheel 90 degrees, and moving your car into the middle of the opposite side of the road (imagine you are creating a cross shape with your car and the street.) Then, place your car in reverse and back up while aligning your car in the proper direction to drive down the other side of the street. Take your car out of reverse and pull forward. You have now formed a K-turn or 3-point turn.
1 Additional Answer
If you intend to make a K turn you should put on your right turn signal and pull your car to the curb or shoulder of the road. Check your side view and rear view mirror to see that there os no on coming traffic. Put your left turn signal out and accelerate the car while slowly pulling out and turning the wheel tightly to the left. When you reach the other side of the street, stop the car and put it in reverse. Turn the wheel all the way to the right and back the car up as far as you have to to be able to move forward and drive in the opposite direction. Put the car in drive, accelerate and pull out onto traffic.
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