How Do You Do Fractions on a TI 83 Calculator?


Fractions are numerical quantities that are not a whole number. The TI-83 series of graphing calculators is manufactured by Texas Instruments. The original TI-83 is itself an upgraded version of the TI-82. Released in 1996, it is one of the most used graphing calculators for students. To do fractions on a TI 83 calculator, power up your calculator and input the numbers you want to calculate exactly as they are written then enter to view answer. For more information, visit
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1. Power on the calculator by pressing the yellow button on the upper right side of the calculator, directly below the screen and above the arrow keys. 2. Look at the math problem
The fraction function of a TI-83 Plus calculator is number one under the math button.
Hello, Ther e is no dedicated key to do that but ther is a command ToFrac noted as ->Frac. To access it use [MATH[1:->Frac]. Two ways of using the command. 1. You want to reduce
The button that looks like a sideway L.
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A Ti-83 calculator is specially designed for graphing math and scientific problems. Instructions on how to use this device can be found in its user's manual. ...
When using a Ti-83 plus calculator, explain yourself with the calculator manual, turn on the TI-83 Plus by pressing ON button. Press the 'ENTER' button to answer ...
1. Download HYPGEOM.83p from the TI-83 manual website (see Resources section). Save the file to your computer with extension .83p using the Save As option. 2. ...
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