How Do You Do Your Own Dreadlocks?


To make your own dreadlocks, first, section your hair across the back of your head, parallel to your hairline, and then pin up all the hair above this line. After this, start at the left side and section out enough hair to grab an index finger sized lock; pin up the rest. Next, take the dreadlock wax and twist the hair, which you held with your finger, and repeat the procedure until you finish the whole head. Subsequently, take each dream and palm roll with a small amount of wax between the palms, and then finally, run a blow dryer over your new locks to make them firm.
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How to Make Dreadlocks
Dreadlocks, or dreads, are a cool hairstyle for some, and a spiritual pursuit or political statement for others. If you have the right kind of hair, these steps will put a new twist into your locks. Just remember to be patient with your new locks, it... More »
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To start your own dreadlocks, you're going to need a dreading comb, tons of small rubber bands, clips and a few friends to help you out. You can find more information here: http:/
1. Visit the Dread Head HQ. They have tons of products to help make and maintain your dreads, such as wax, combs, lock accelerator, and shampoo. 2. Wash your hair. Clean hair with
You should get the DreadHead Supa Dupa Dread Kit-it
it is all of their own takes years for dreads to become thick...the secret is the shedded hair locks with the growing hair which makes it thicker...locks are not thick
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There are a few different ways you can dreadlock your hair. It depends on how permanent you want them. Some people just twist them and rat them, some people use ...
my neighbor has the best looking dreads i have ever seen. they are very long. just the right amount of roots . he is white. and a man. his gf has short ones very ...
I am not the one to judge them, so I personally don't ...
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