How Do You Draw a Scale of 1 50?


Scales are used in drawings that require exact measurements to show reduced versions of objects. To draw scale drawing of 1:50, make sure that every one inch in the drawing represents 50 inches in the measurement of the object or item being drawn.
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it depends of the scale of the drawing.
Probably the easiest way to do this is to buy a scale rule. This will have a different scale written on each edge. All you have to do it turn it round so that you have the 1:50 scale
Anabell: I am offering these sites for you to review, and glean from. This will give you some ideas, and understanding. This site gives you a simplistic manner in which to
1/4 inch equals 1 foot on that drawing. A 3 foot doorway
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Here is an easy way to scale a drawing up or down. If you are scaling down, divide the size of the original item by the desired scale. For example a 50' item is ...
Scale drawing activity involves using a scale to come up with the appropriate dimensions. To draw a scale, start by taking the measurement of the object you wish ...
A scale drawing has the same proportions of the object that it models; it helps to create an accurate drawing of either small objects or large objects on one page ...
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