How Do You Draw a X in a Box without Lifting Pen?


You can draw an X in a box without lifting the pen by first drawing a capital N. Then draw a straight line connecting the top of the N. Then draw a line halfway up and tilted so there is a triangle at the top of the N. Then draw the other half of the triangle down to the top of the right side of the N, then cross down to the lower left of the N, then travel to the lower right line of the N.
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Yes, go from the top left corner of the box, to top right corner of your box, then follow the outline of your box to bottom right corner and then diagonally to the top left corner
Andrew Loomis came out with a…. ha ha.
Draw the square, then 1 line of the X, then you FOLD the paper so that it is flush with the bottom of the box, & without taking the pencil off the paper(More? report this answer
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To draw a box with an X inside without picking up your pencil you will have to retrace. Draw the four lines to create the box. You will have to then retrace the ...
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