How Do You Draw Comic Strips?


To draw comic strips, the first thing that you will do is use a ruler and a sharp pencil to draw the panels that you will draw the comic strips in and plan exactly what panel is going to tell which story. Draw your characters first in the panels and make sure that you have enough space to put down what they are saying after which you will colour them in when you are done with a complete page and not after each panel. Use straight thick lines for the outlines and small lines for the finer inner detail like the eyes, nose and mouth among others.
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How to Draw Comic Strips
When drawing comic strips, start by getting a ruler and creating panels for the comic strip to play out in. Sketch comic strips with tips from a professional cartoonist and illustrator in this free video on drawing.... More »
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To draw a comic strip, first generate and decide on an idea, and then create rough sketches to guide your drawing. Using a panel (a fur strip one is ideal) draw your sketches with your pencil of choice, and then use a lettering guide to help you write the wording on your cartoon strip. After this is done, ink the characters and the lettering, and then draw the background for your cartoons. Finally, white out or erase the pencil marks from your strip.
Read different comic strips and find out what they are about and what you like. Use you own style do other comic strips so that yours will be original. Then come up with a storyline and characters that will suit this story, give your characters a look or description your characters can even be animals and plants, machines, be very imaginative. Then now you can put words into your story line, add jokes to make your story funnier. Keep building up on your stories and characters, draw anytime you get an idea.
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To draw a comic strip you have to have something funny to say. Make 3 to 5 boxes of your character and with the joke the your trying to get across.
1. Develop your characters. Most comic strips have a few (or more) characters that appear in the strip frequently. Develop your characters and practice drawing them in different situations
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The possibilities when drawing a comic strip are as endless as the imagination.
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A comic strip is a humorous storyline of a series of cartoon panels. In addition, it may be defined as a series of drawings that tell a story in a newspaper or ...
To draw comic strips, you first need to have an idea of what you want to draw. Take a pencil and a sketch board and then draw a sketch of what you like. Draw four ...
To draw a comic strip, go to your local library and check out a book that is all about learning how to draw. Once you have the basics covered, practice makes perfect ...
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