How do you eat soft-shell crabs?


The best way to eat soft shell crabs is to fry them in oil after dipping them in flour and other seasonings. Soft shell crabs are just immature hard shell crabs, which means their shells have not reached the hardening stage. All you need to do once they are cooked is pull the crab apart and eat the meat inside. You can actually eat the shell because it is so soft, and once it's fried you won't be able to tell if it's part of the dough or just the meat.
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How to Eat Soft Shell Crabs
Soft-shell crabs exemplify simple luxury. With only a small window of time for harvest -- just after losing their exoskeleton but before the hard shell forms -- soft-shell crabs command a high price. But for an item considered a luxury food, soft-shell... More »
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