How Do You End a Potholder on a Loom?


Candidate potholder on a loom, you need to do one final loop. Usually, this loop needs to be done very carefully. This is so that the potholder does not come loose.
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1. Hook a loop over one peg on the top of the loom; run the loop down to the corresponding peg at the bottom of the loom and hook it over that peg. Repeat this for all the pegs across….….….
an extra rubber band and extension.
To finish a potholder, Start in one corner of the loom
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To finish the potholder loom, choose a corner and take the first loop from its peg. Insert that loop onto the next loop, and then the next, until you go around ...
In order to take a potholder off of a loom, you will need to use a crochet hook or the hook that came with the loom, start off at a corner and draw the second ...
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