How Do You Enter NFS Prostreet Cheat Codes for PSP?


To enter nfs Prostreet cheat codes for psp: At the Code Entry menu in Career mode, enter codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: Most codes can only be used once. Therefore it is recommended that the auto-save option be disabled before using the codes in the event you wish to revert the game to its original state. Also, using some codes may reset the performance of cars that have previously been improved.
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Need for Speed (NFS) is a series of racing video games published by Electronic Arts EA and developed by several studios including Canadian based company EA Black Box. There are two cheat sections. The 1st cheat section is for verified tips/tricks or those that have been rated high and moved to that section. The second section is new cheats that have been submitted but have not received enough votes to be moved to the main Cheat section.
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