How Do You Erect Scaffolding?


To erect scaffolding, join horizontal metal tubes (ledgers) to upright metal tubes (standards) .Diagonal braces are added to give the structure stability and strength and, scaffolding clips are used to tie the structure together. Fit wooden boards provide a platform.
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How to Erect Scaffolding
Scaffolding is erected to safely support workers on a level surface that's elevated for construction or painting jobs. The most common type of scaffold, or pipe staging, in the US and Canada is a steel tube frame scaffold erected on the outside of a... More »
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To erect scaffolding, you will have to suit up for the job, prepare the foundation, stand the first section and then stabilize and support the bases. You should then stabilize the staging level to prevent workers from losing balance and falling and lay out a sturdy platform that will hold the weight of workers and construction supplies. The next step would be to run toe boards and railing to hold tools and workers on the platform and then use ladders to reach the platforms instead of having workers climb up the frames. You will finally build the staging up to a second level, set coupling pin on top of the open frame tubes on the first level and then secure the staging against the building.
To erect a simple scaffold, you need to measure out for sole plates. Next is to erect two standards and a ledger. Brace into place with a temporary brace. Erect two transforms and hang a new ledger from them by using the temporary brace and a temporary standard. Put in the second ledger and then erect the new standards. After this stage, the temporary standard and brace can be removed. Finally, the extra standards and transoms are put in place to complete the first scaffold run.
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1. Suit up for the job. Put on work gloves and a hard hat before you begin to work with steel tubing frames. 2. Prepare the foundation. Level the ground where you plan to erect scaffolding
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Here are great step by step instructions:… It even has pictures. PS: I agree with Doc about having another person help you. In fact
Refer to safety regulations and standards for design and assembly requirements. Choose the right scaffold system for the job. Erect all scaffold parts according to the manufacturer's
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Scaffolding is erected to safely support workers on a level surface that's elevated for construction or painting job. To erect scaffold you first wear protective ...
In order to erect a scaffold tower, one must have the know-how on constructions of this kind. Tower scaffolds are important as they prevent one from falling when ...
first of all you need to be registered as a trainee scaffolder, you then need experience for approx a year,then do a course for your basic training part 1, approx ...
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