How do You Feel Up a Girl?


To feel a girl up, you generally put your hand up her shirt, and fondle her breasts. When you do this, she may want you to kiss her, or touch her in other places.
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To feel a girl up you need to first make sure she's okay with it. If she is, you can slide your hand up under her shirt and attempt to feel her breasts. It kind of comes naturally
1. Watch the girl as she moves. A girl that is feeling confident is usually holding herself upright and walking tall. She walks with confidence. A girl that is walking with her head
You can make a girl feel special by complimenting her often. Girls like to feel pretty, and if you pay attention to how nice her hair looks, or her figure, she will feel very special
1. If a girl is showing disinterest in you, don't bother showing interest to her. 2. When you talk to a girl, make sure she looks at you. If she looks somewhere else, she is bored's-Feelings
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