How Do You Fill Out a Lien Waiver?


A lien waiver is a document from a contractor to another party involved in construction. To fill out a lien waiver, write the name of the maker of the check and write the amount of payment. Then write the name of the contractor payment is made to and write the work referred to in the lien agreement.
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To fill out a lien waiver, make sure that all goods or services are paid in full. The most common lien waiver that is used is a conditional waiver. This is the safest waiver, and will specify that the debt has been paid in full and on what date. This will include any returned checks, or checks that had payments stopped on. The waiver will be effective proof that the property is free against any liens against it. There are several other lien waivers, but this one is used with most contractors and business owners.
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