How Do You Find Out If Someone Has Accessed Your Account on Facebook?


You can find out that someone has accessed your account on Facebook by memory. There will things on there that weren't put there by you. Messages, statuses and new friends can all indicate that someone else has been on your account.
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1. Visit In the Email field, type your email address. Then click the "Forgot your password?" link. 2. Enter your email address into the supplied field. You
1. Create a new email address using an email provider of your choice. Examples are.,, 2. Make it your primary email address on Facebook. The primary
That information is considered hidden and cannot be found unless a part of Facebook's modding and admins it'self.
Are you talking about after the duplicate account is setup? Or during the setup process? Usually a duplicate account is found during the setup process because the email address is
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You have to prove you're a human on Facebook to access your account because Facebook has strict guidelines regarding security. Facebook will only allow individuals ...
If someone has been messing around with your email account you might notice that a number of messages that you did not send are suddenly appearing in the sent ...
If someone creates a Facebook account in your name without your permission you should contact the customer service for Facebook and have them remove the account. ...
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