How Do You Find the Ratio?


To find a ratio simply put the numbers into a fraction and reduce the fraction as you normally would. You can then turn it into a decimal if that is preferred.
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A ratio is the amount of something "to" the total amount minus the first part(or a second group). So the ratio of women to men at an event that has 40 women and 45 people
1. Count the number of teeth in the larger gear, also called the idler gear. For the sake of example, let's say the idler gear has 30 teeth. 2. Count the number of teeth on the smaller
The ratio of two numbers is simply the smallest way of expressing them eg. 1000 to 2000 is 1 to 2. If you divide the bigger number by the smaller number you would get a ratio of 1 offers a couple different historic/average P/E ratios: 3 year average (several different variants: including/excluding extraordinary items, basic or diluted shares outstanding
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You find the ratio of something by dividing both numbers by the largest common denominator. You put the numbers into fractions like you always do. Then you can ...
A ratio is the comparison of two numbers. To find the ratio in math you need to know the amounts being compared, once you know the amounts, divide the first amount ...
Ratio expresses the magnitude of quantities relative to each other. Ratio of two quantities indicates how many times the first quantity is contained in the second ...
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