How Do You Find the Ratio?


To find a ratio simply put the numbers into a fraction and reduce the fraction as you normally would. You can then turn it into a decimal if that is preferred.
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1. Determine the vehicle's transmission first gear, transfer case low range and axle differential. 2. Identify the formula. Crawl ratio is defined as transmission ratio (TR) x transfer
The ratio of two numbers is simply the smallest way of expressing them eg. 1000 to 2000 is 1 to 2. If you divide the bigger number by the smaller number you would get a ratio of 1 offers a couple different historic/average P/E ratios: 3 year average (several different variants: including/excluding extraordinary items, basic or diluted shares outstanding
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Finding the ratio between two numbers is easy! All you do is put the numbers in the form of a fraction and reduce them. So if you wanted to find the ratio between ...
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