How Do You Fix Fudge That Won't Harden?


To fix fudge that wouldn't harden, you can simply add more sugar to the mixture. If the fudge is formed but doesn't harden, there really is no way to fix it.
2 Additional Answers
When fudge doesn't set properly it is often because it was not cooked long enough or at a high enough temperature. Try reheating the fudge by adding some evaporated milk and slowly bring it to a boil. You can also try adding a mixture of water and corn flour during the cooking process to help thicken it. The way to harden fudge that seems to work the best however is adding powdered sugar. Be sure to stir thoroughly regardless of which method you choose.
There really isn't anyway that you can make the fudge set. You can however salvage the fudge by baking a cake and using it as frosting. You could also break it up and roll it into little balls. Rolls the balls in cocoa, and after chilling, you now have truffles.
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