How do you French kiss?


French kissing is a sensual experience enjoyed by two persons. Much like a regular kiss, it involves you and your kissing partner putting your lips together; unlike regular kisses, it also involves you using your tongues as well.

  1. Press your lips to your partner's lips

    The French kiss begins just like a normal kiss does, with you and your partner placing your lips together. To add romantic anticipation, hold this position for several seconds before moving onto the next step.

  2. Let your tongue enter your partner's mouth

    A French kiss requires you to then insert your tongue between your partner's lips and into her mouth. Before moving onto the next step, try to make contact with your partner's tongue, and move your tongue around your partner's lips.

  3. Move your tongue sensually around your partner's mouth

    Move your tongue around your partner's mouth. As much as possible, try to touch her lips and tongue and to move in unpredictable ways. Some people may like to move in circles or in various directions.

  4. Withdraw your tongue

    Once the kiss is over, remove your tongue from your partner's mouth, hold a position of only touching your lips to your partner's for several seconds and then end the kiss.

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