How to make millions of bells on animal crossing city folk?


1. When you have a lot of money, on Sunday morning buy as many white turnips as you can from Joan. Then, check turnip prices with Tom Nook each day after that and sell them when the price is more that you bought them for. You must sell them before
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There is no instant way to get a million bells on Animal Crossing, but if you actually work for it you can get lots of money. If you get a cheatbook, you may be able to get lots of
1. Buy a shovel from Tom Nook for 500 bells. Search the town for star-shaped markings on the ground. Use the shovel to dig in those areas. Bring any fossils you find to Blathers at
OMG YES. I'M ON RIGHT NOW. :D. Name: Emily. Town: Calgary. Code: 1762 6851 7314.
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TO GET LOTS OF MONEY! To get lots money in the bank, make sure you have at least 20,000 bells in the bank. Then go to the Wii menu and set your game forward 2 ...
1. First go to the Town Hall, deposit all the money you have. Then save and quit. And go to the Wii Menu. 2. Go to the Wii Options (bottom left corner [button ...
There are not very many cheats available for the video game Animal Crossing: City Folk. One of the more popular cheats is item cloning. It can be done by first ...
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