How Do You Get a Nccer Pipefitter Test and Answer?


NCCER sells many study and instructional guides on their website. A practice NCCER pipefitter test is often included with these books. Answers to the questions are typically also provided.
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how do you get to certify as a n.c.c.e.r certified pipefitter. when i took my test.a company had to send us in to take the i feel sure you have to be sponsored by a company.and
It varies. It depends on where you take the test.
i took the test.but Becon had to sponsor me.a company has to sponsor you.
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the test has 125 questions. you have 3 hours to take the test. i just took it last week. i made a 70, barely passed. you have to make a 68. al though i do not remember all of the questions on the test, i can point you in the right direction. you can ...
patterns. ...
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