How Do You Get a Stuck Light Bulb to Loosen?


Trying to loosen a stuck light bulb can be extremely frustrating. You don't want to break the bulb in the socket. To loosen a stuck light bulb, simply wrap the bulb in duct tape, leaving enough tape on the ends to form a handle. You can then use this handle to unscrew the bulb.
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1. Turn the light off, and allow it time to cool off. 2. Cut off a length of duct tape, about 12 inches long, using scissors. Position a step ladder underneath the recessed light,
B/c electricity relies on there being a complete circuit for things to work. Break the circuit/loop, and the flow of electricity stops, and the light goes out.
As long as you can reach the bulb it should twist out. Make sure it is turned off. If in doubt, turn the circuit off at the breaker/fuse. Wear a glove and safety glasses in case it
Keep trying to turn it until it loosens. If that doesn't
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A stuck light bulb can be frustrating. A piece of duct tape can fix this problem. Make sure the bulb is cool then tear a piece of tape off and press into the middle of the bulb. Fold the tape back to form non sticky handles. Grip the bulb and give it a quick twist in counter clockwise direction. This should loosen the bulb so you can get it all the way out. You can find more information at
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