How Do You Get Acrylic Paint out of Clothes?


Acrylic paint is very easy to get out of clothes and other fabrics, as it is not meant to stain. Acrylics are water-based, and so are easily cleaned up when still wet or tacky. If the acrylic has dried, use a paint thinner such as alcohol to soak it until it dissolves.
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How to Get Acrylic Paint Out of Clothes
You might think that articles of clothing with acrylic paint on them are a lost cause and will have to be relegated to the rag bin. However, if you move fast you can ameliorate the damage. Just be sure to test this volatile mixture on an unnoticeable... More »
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To remove dried acrylic paint from clothing, start by soaking the cloth in warm water. Then place it on a hard surface, apply smear alcohol over the stain. Using ...
The environmentally friendly solvent that can remove acrylic paint from clothing is d-limonene. Mix the d-limonene with detergent and turps. The solution should ...
Acrylic and latex paints are created from the same base of acrylic resin. Latex paint is then mixed with a water base so that it goes on with a soother surface ...
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