How Do You Get All Three Starter Pokemon?


The first group of starters is obtained at the start of the game; they are known as Johto Starters. The second group o starts can be obtained by visiting Professor Oak after defeating Red and getting all the 16 badges. The final batch of starters can be got by visiting Steven Stone in Saffron City after defeating Red. Steven will commend you, ask what colour of stone you would want, and then give you the starters.
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1. Start a game as normal and choose any starter Pokémon. Save the game then shut it off. 2. Remove the “Pokémon FireRed Version” cartridge from the Game
Well, there are actually 4 fire starters and they are Charmander from Kanto, Cyndaquil from Johto, Torchic from Hoenn and Chimchar from Sinnoh.
1. Start the game. Ad. 2. After you use the starter Pokemon to help the professor and get the Pokedex, catch one AND ONLY ONE Pokemon. 3. Turn of your GBA and then restart. 4. Now
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To get three starters in Pokémon, follow the following steps: begin your game by going downstairs and talking to your mom, go next door to Professor Elm's house, turn on your second DS with the other Pokémon game inside it. Continue by conducting a trade between the two games trading the Pokémon you don't mind losing for the starter Pokémon, reset your Heart gold or Soul silver game. You do this by restarting the game, repeat steps 1-4, but this time choose a different starter. Finally remember that the third time you restart the game is the last time you need to restart it.
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One way to get all three starter Pokemon in emerald is to first start your game. Play the game until you get Pokedex and Pokeballs. You will now need to catch ...
Where the legendary dogs on Pokemon fire red are depends on your starter. There are three legendary dos which are Raikou, Entei and Suicune. To get all the three ...
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