How Do You Get Backstage Passes?


You can get backstage passes by winning them, buying them or also checking the venue to see whether extra stage crew volunteers are needed. This method of volunteering is nice because there is ample time to linger on before and after a show. It also provides enough time to catch an idol in action. Another way is by taking pictures and videos of what you are doing to promote the work of the artist, then emailing the evidence and if the artist appreciates your efforts, he or she might decide to do something in return for you; like give u passes.
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The Best Way to Get Backstage Passes
Getting a backstage pass to an entertainment event can be problematic if you are not an employee, have no connections backstage, have not won a competition or have not been personally invited backstage. Yet, it is possible, provided you plan in advance... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
Concert backstage passes are passes that are particularly designed to allow access to concerts and music festivals, whatever the type of music involved. One can get back stage passes by signing up for the band's fan club, listening to radio promotions and doing the best to promote their music.
To get a backstage pass, enter all contests that your target artists has participated in, as this is the easiest way of getting free concert tickets or backstage passes. You can also get a backstage pass by signing up for the fan clubs of the artist you are most passionate about, and getting your voice heard by posting on the boards of their official websites.
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