How Do You Get Burrs out of Clothing?


One of the ways that some people get burrs out of their clothing is with a butter knife. Run the knife along the clothing while it is laying on a hard surface. This should make the burrs pop off.
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Burrs may be small bits of thorns or wood that stick to you clothing when a breeze blows by or you're out walking. I always have a few in my sock it seems : hope this helps!
Try using the sticky side of some Duck tape and ripping it off quickly.
The only way I know of is picking all 1000000004 of them out by hand. It took me quite a while, I only did maybe 15,499 at a time. I got little cuts and stabs from the clingy seeds.
Haha I have had this problem many times as I am an avid dog walker. Burrs are relentless and I wish I had an answer. So far iv found the best way is to pick them out by hand. Hope
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In order to get burr out of your clothes is to clean them regular and dry them afterwards. This process tends to soften the burr. Once done, you can further remove ...
Sticker burrs are sandbur or grassbur weeds. They prefer dry areas but can grow anywhere. The burrs are painful and difficult to remove from clothing. Using pre-emergent ...
I have this product called Burr Paw it works great. Link: ...
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