How Do You Get Chewing Gum out of Clothes?


Among the ways that can be used to remove sticky gums from the cloths are; freezing the gum so as to scrap it off. You can also use hair spray surround the affected areas so as to make the gum brittle and to remove it. Boiling can also be used where the cloth is boiled to remove the gum.
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1. Fill a plastic bag with ice cubes. Place the ice cubes directly onto the chewing gum. Allow it to sit on the chewing gum until it becomes hard. 2. Scrape the hard gum off with
1. Remove the article of clothing and fold it. You will want to fold it so that the contaminated part is facing out, not touching any other part of the fabric. Try to peel off as
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If you have gum or wax stuck to an item of clothing, put it in the
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How Do I Get Chewing Gum Out of Clothes?
Gum can be good for your breath and is also fun to chew, blow bubbles with, and pop. Everybody loves gum, but not when it gets stuck on your clothes. You can only pick so much off it off before you seriously contemplate throwing away your beloved piece... More »
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To remove chewing gum on a clothing, you should put it in a freezer until the gum hardens. All you need to do once it hardens is to crack it up. Alternatively, place an ice cube on the gum to harden it.
One way to remove chewing gum from clothing is to freeze both the garment and the gum, another recommended method to remove chewing gum is the use of warm vinegar. The multi-purpose household lubricant and solvent known as WD-40 can be sprayed directly on the gum stain and allowed to soak for a few minutes to soften the gum
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Pour cold water on the cloth and wait for the gum to harden.use ...
Chewing gum can be removed from hair by pouring some slightly heated vinegar on the gum and pulling it out. Other materials that are believed to soften the gum ...
Nothing bad happens if a person chews gum past its expiration date. Chewing gum may not taste fresh as it would if newer. It may taste stale or lose flavor quickly ...
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