How do you get Dive on Pok�mon Emerald?


To get Dive in pokemon Emerald, you have to go to Mossdeep City and make sure to check all the houses. In one of the houses, you should find Steven. Talk to him, and he will give you Dive.
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To get Dive on Pok mon Emerald, visit a fisherman's house in the eastern section of the city, talk to him and get a Super Rod from him. After this, go to the Space Centre and talk to the first person you come across and, he will give you a Sun Stone. Proceed to the house found at the upper left hand corner of the city where you will find Steven. He will give you HM 08 Dive that will come in handy when diving underwater.
In order to get dive on Pokémon emerald, one has to get to Mossdeep city and go to the eastern part of the city and find a fisherman's house were the fisherman will give you Super rod. Next, go to the space centre then to Steve's house on the upper-left hand corner where he will give you HM 08-DIVE which you can only use to dive underwater when you get your seventh badge.
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