How Do You Get Freightliner Codes?


Freightliner trouble codes are two digit codes that are often found in a vehicle when ignition switched is turned on and diagnostic request switch depressed. The codes are flashed via the stop engine or check engine and can be cleared using the DDR.
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A check engine light and fault 61 code is an electrical failure to the injector or a bad solenoid on the injector, but you will most likely find your problem at the terminal crimp.
You are in the wrong Detroit category. This is about traveling in the Detroit area, not diesel engines.
Turn key to ON,turn CRUISE switch to ON,bump Set or RESUME one time & codes should flash.They are 3 digit codes.It will have a long CHECK eng light(2 sec),then short STOP engine
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When driving a truck is your livelihood, you quickly become aware of what all the different freightliner trouble codes mean. This is an important aspect of your ...
we have a eng code 128s 370 02. we have a eng code 128s 370 02. we have a eng code 128s 370 02. ...
Cooling system ,water or thermostat bad. ...
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