How Do You Get Limewire to Play on Windows Media after You Launch Them?


The music from Limewire will automatically download on your computer so you can play the music through media player. The way you play the music through media play when you launch it is to set you default music player to windows media. You do this when you first download Limewire.
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you have to convert it to wma.
Only download audio files, you get that all the time downloading movies and programs with limewire, their interfered by anti-p2p organisations. Install utorrent then download your
Rar is an archiving and compression tool and has nothing to do with video. "Rar" is the actual name given to the compression. Once extracted you will have the original uncompressed
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To get your limewire downloads after they launch. Open up your windows media and go to the recently added folder. All of your new songs will be in there. ...
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