How Do You Get Mew on Pokemon Pearl?


To get Mew on Pokémon Pearl get the National Dex which will enable you to get poke radar. Next the poke radar will lead you through Route 218 to Ditto who you will force to interbreed with manpahy.
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To catch Mew, bring a Pokemon that knows Surf. Go into the cave and when you're in the water, surf all the way and do not go up any stairs. Go to the land then go up the steps. Head right, then up and then left, then up a ladder until you are on a rocky maze. Go left then go all the way up, then left and then down. After going down the next set of ladders, you will find Mew on an island at the very end.
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1. Load Pokemon Pearl on your Nintendo DS. Select the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection feature to enable the game to connect to the internet. 2. Walk to the Pokemon Center in the "Pokemon
You can't get mew in pearl, but if you have my pokemon ranch, get 1000 pokemon in your ranch (i think) and put it in pearl. :)
In order to get Mew you will need to attend a Nintendo sponsored event. At these events you play the games and win items such as the mew for leaf green. You can find more information
To get mew, you must have done an event from Nintendo in Emerald or Fire Red/Leaf Green.
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There is no way to get a Mew in Pokemon Pearl. Mew can only be obtained by trade from another game. You can also use a gameshark if you have one available. ...
To get Mew in pearl, you should defeat the Elite Four and be the champion. After that, check to see what type of game you have. If it is a Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold ...
Mew is not available to be caught in Pokemon Emerald. Mew is an ancient Pokemon that can only be caught using a game shark or pre-ordering a game. ...
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