How Do You Get Music to Play When Someone Calls Your Cell Phone?


When you are sitting up your voice mail on your cell phone there will be options there for you to choose your greeting and if your provider offers the service there will be an option for ring tones out incoming calls for your callers to hear.
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1. Choose a wireless carrier. Talk to friends and family about how well they like their service. Maybe one of them has tried more then one service provider. They will know how well
1. Find or. buy a cell phone. 2. Agree to a binding. contract. with a cell phone company, e.g. Virgin Mobil. 3. Turn the cell phone on. 4. Find someone to call and get their phone
Usually, they are called a musician.
if you mean when someone calls you it normally rings and you want to replace the ring with music? that is a feature that costs money check with you cel phone provider to see if they
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You will need to go into your phone book, pick the person's name that you'd like to designate a ring tone to and set the ring tone as the preferred song. Make ...
According to my cell phone provider the music that plays while your call is being connected is called a ringback tone. Ringback tones are most often found when ...
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