How Do You Get out of Doing Jury Service?


To get out of jury service you can demonstrate that you are unable to serve on a jury for financial reasons or request a change of date.
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There are different ways to get our of the jury service. They include: moving out of the country where you are supposed to be service as a jury, being a member of the armed service and in active duty, joining a school to further your education. Being a caretaker to an old person or a child or attaining the age of 70 years among other things.
You can get out of doing jury service if you are exempted by filing a lawsuit, working in certain jobs or by applying for exemption. Check with your local government to know how you can be exempted from jury duty. In some states students and people with more education are also exempted from jury duty.
To be excused from jury duty in the UK, first contact the jury coordinator through the clerk of the court before which you were to appear. Obtain a letter from the relevant party such as your employer or doctor stating why you will be unable to fulfil your duty. When called, present yourself in court and state your case clearly, concisely and honestly.
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